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Historic Win For Ballytarsna NS

Updated on the 23 November

Published 23/11/2010 14:46

On Friday the 12th of November, the morning mists seemed to obscure the view of the hills around Clonmel, to the swollen Suir rushing angrily to the sea. This scene of winter beauty was the perfect backdrop to three busloads of excited and colourful Ballytarsna U-11 football team and supporters as they descended on Clonmel, with one ambition, to dethrone the favourites Ballylooby, and put Ballytarsna top of the pile.

The game commenced in a flurry of excitement. Ballylooby confirming favouritism raced into an early lead with two well taken goals. The grit and determination instilled in this team by Fr. Peter Brennan was put to the test and they responded to his promptings, gradually reducing the arrears and forging ahead to be two points up at half time.

Ballylooby with the advantage of the sloping field and wind shot two goals in the opening four minutes of the second half. Ballytarsna hearts seemed to sink but this gallant team lifted their heads and started on the road to recovery with two wonderful points. A goal on the tenth minute followed by another and the supporters were delirious. Ballylooby fought back bravely but had to succumb to a superior force. The final whistle brought scenes of joy reminiscent of September in Croke Park, and when Ryan O Sullivan accepted the shield on behalf of his school, I know the past greats of Ballytarsna smiled from their grandstand view in the skies, in the knowledge that their skill and flair is still alive and well in Ballytarsna.

Whilst the excitement and activity was in full swing in Clonmel, Michelle and Bridget, kept the fires burning at home and were busily preparing for a heroes’ welcome for the victorious team. The Junior and Senior Infants formed a proud guard of honour on the arrival of the team. Parents combined to ensure that the party was in full swing, to chat, recount and recall the wonderful events of a famous day. The school adjourned early, no homework, and a sense of pride of school and place in all our hearts.

Little Flower was bedecked in Blue and White for the presentation of county medals on Wednesday the 17th of November. A well known hurler of bygone years was invited to make this presentation and when Mickey “the Rattler” Byrne arrived; he was greeted with enthusiasm and respect. Let’s hope that the aura he has gained by winning 5 All-Irelands and 14 county medals will rub off on the young children of Ballytarsna.

Presented with medals were:

Ryan O’Sullivan (Captain), Stephen Walsh, Niall O’Dwyer, Ciarn Lonergan, Mark Downey, Tom Clarke, Kevin O’Connor, Peter Melbourne, Jack Maher and Zak Flanagan.

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