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Ballytarsna in Bloom

Published on the 09 July

Published 09/07/2009 11:50

On Tuesday the 29th June, Ballytarsna nestled in the glorious sunshine that beautified the lovely countryside from Killough Hill to the Rock of Cashel.

St. Therese had ample reason to smile on the school under her patronage. Flowers seemed to mushroom from every window sill and ledge. The fusion of blue and white set the scene for "Ballytarsna's Day".

As Dr. Clifford, the Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, cut the tape, the children's rendition of "We are the Young" was both uplifting and appropriate. Inside the modern sports hall we listened to Mrs. Chris Hayes, former Principal, speak of the struggle to acquire this new school, while Fr. Joe Egan and Fr. Peter Brennan thanked all those, within the political system and without, who combined to secure this acquisition.

Mrs. McGrath Byrne cited the wonderful cooperation emanating from within the school structures and directly from the parents to the teaching staff. Dr. Clifford once again praised the children as he led a standing ovation while they sang their way to the hearts of all present to conclude the formalities.

Then was the time to browse down memory lane as hundreds of photos revived thousands of memories. "I remember well the day that was taken"...."the lad in the back row, he was my first heartthrob".. and a note of sadness on the recognition of a school pal deceased. "How they would have loved to have seen this day...."

Minutes melted into hours to sharpen the appetite which was satisfied by a wondrous array of mouthwatering food prepared by parents and friends with an obvious baking talent and a willingness to share it.

After several cups of tea, and as many buns and sambos, reluctantly people began to amble slowly homewards with the parting words "What a wonderful Day..", happy in the knowledge that their children in Little Flower N.S. are secure during their formative years, with a dedicated teaching staff, in this beautiful new school.

Little Flower N.S. – Míle Buíochas agus Moladh duit.


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