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An education at Little Flower N.S. is active, vibrant and challenging.  All classrooms in our school are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, while our class libraries are well-stocked and regularly updated.  Both avid and reluctant readers are encouraged and welcomed to use class libraries.



Discovery and "doing" are central to the learning process in our school.  Pupils explore, experiment and play in an environment that encourages them to develop their own innate and natural curiousity.

Cultural Pursuits are embedded in the Curriculum in our our school.  Classrooms are a hive of activity, expression and cultural learning.  Visiting artists in the performing/visual arts are welcomed to our school and allow the chindren to experience the joy of live performance.  Cultral and sporting pursuits develop creative and healthy individuals and our school is blessed with ample space both indoors and outdoors


Music permeates the day, be it in the classroom, the local church or auditorium.  Little Flower N.S. has a rich musical tradition and all pupils actively engage in our music programme.

Children are also given the opportunity to perform in Musical Theatre during their time in Little Flower N.S.  They are accompanied by a live orchestra, learn some stage craft and create magical memories for themselves and for the whole school community.


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